In our wide, inter-connected world, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have reliable identity authentication technologies. Biometrics is one area that is quickly gaining prominence in the security field. Biometrics establishes an individual’s identity based on his or her fingerprints, face, iris, voice and gait.



Compared to traditional authentication systems that are knowledge-based such as passwords or token-based like RSA tokens, businesses find that biometric-based systems are more convenient and secure. Users don’t have to memorize passwords or possess proof of identity such as ID cards, and impostors can be deterred or detected with increased ease. Hence, biometric systems have been deployed in numerous commercial, civilian, and forensic applications to establish identity.

We offer

  • A full range of fingerprint, face, eye, voice and behavioral biometric solutions
  • Security experts who have conducted comprehensive biometric security assessments for educational facilities, utility companies, corporations and government buildings
  • Custom training programs that prepare organizations to incorporate biometrics into their current security solutions
  • Comprehensive 24/7 customer and technical support

The Care Security Systems Difference

When you rely on Care Security Systems, you can:

  • Demonstrate to your employees that you are committed to their safety
  • Control your risk management exposure
  • Control the costs of improving your security systems
  • Create positive employee and management morale

We know that any security solution is only as effective as the company who integrates and manages it. For more than 30 years, customers in industries ranging from commercial development corporations, government and transportation agencies, medical facilities, educational campuses – and more – have chosen Care Security Systems as their protection provider of choice.

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You can also find out about our video surveillance, analytics and access control systems.

“What made the Care Security Systems’ solution so successful was our ability to source the most appropriate products and technologies for the project – without having to rely on only one or two vendors. This vendor neutrality allows Care Security Systems to offer the most advanced solutions that meet budget requirements.”
Chief Executive Officer