International University

This campus is home to one of the largest private educational institutions, which attracts students from around the world with its exceptional faculty and renowned courses of study.

International University

International University

Northern New Jersey


Cost-effective, integrated access control management for the university’s sprawling campus


  • Centralized access control
  • Motion control cameras
  • Card readers
  • Door locks
  • Intercom system


  • Innovative design and installation secured a high-risk educational campus
  • Ability to control the access of visitors, tenants and staff much more effectively
  • Greater visibility into security reports and analytics has given the university a greater peace of mind
"As part of their security solution, Care Security Systems has the expertise to help the university regularly conduct compliance and vulnerability checks to ensure that everything is running properly and no one's safety is at risk."
Care Security Systems Renee Schwab
Chief Executive Officer
Case Study Detail

What students seek out at the school is its program of rigorous study, the ability to do independent research, and then to apply their years of research and analysis to their post-graduate pursuits.

Over the years, the school has relied on the expertise of Care Security Systems to provide a wide range of security solutions. In 2017, the school needed to upgrade its access control system so that it provided the highest level of security for its instructors, staff, students and visitors. Which is why they once again turned to Care Security Systems for a reliable, turn-key solution.


A Budgeting Challenge

The private institution boasts approximately 10,500 on-campus students who regularly traverse the many academic and administrative buildings, study halls and student housing dorms each day.

Like many educational organizations, financial constraints play a large factor in making decisions for the college. With a limited budget to upgrade its access control and overall security systems, the school’s investment competes with many other campus priorities.

“The first step was to do a complete system evaluation of their current access control solution,” says Jonathan Kron, Care Security System Program Manager. “Users in businesses may have multiple roles, while its employees generally have only one role at a time. In an educational setting, a student, faculty, administrator, alumni or staff can sometimes hold multiple roles at the same time. There’s also a lot of turnover each year, as students graduate and new students enroll. Which is why the college looked for a robust solution that met their budgetary requirements.”


A Need for Various Solutions

For an institution of this size, the college needed a sophisticated access control system that not only had the standard card readers, door contacts, locks and motion detectors, but also a system that could generate reports.

Over the year-long process, Care Security Systems implemented a security solution that was controlled from a centralized location. Strategically placed cameras were installed throughout the campus, and multiple card readers, door locks and motion control detectors were installed in main buildings, study halls and administrative buildings.

One of the greatest challenges for the college is to be able to consistently monitor its access control system for any unusual activity to proactively stop security threats before they start. “As part of the school’s security solution, Care Security Systems has the expertise to help them regularly conduct compliance and vulnerability checks to ensure that everything is running properly and no one’s safety is at risk,” notes Renee Schwab, Care Security Systems’ Chief Executive Officer. As part of the solution, Care Security Systems partners with the school and the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that the school’s protection systems are always kept up to date.


Flexible Vendor-Neutral Security Options

Because Care Security Systems isn’t tied down to working with just one or two security partners, the company can source from a range of manufacturers and technologies. “This vendor neutrality allows Care Security Systems to offer the most advanced solutions that meet budget requirements,” says Kron. “Additionally, our highly skilled technicians are able to design and install a security solution that will fit the needs of the institution today – and for the future.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the security solution, we withheld the identity of the organization to protect their anonymity. To learn more about what Care Security Systems provided for this customer – and what we can do for you – contact us at 845-354-3367.


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