Generally, the first point of entry to a facility is through a locked door. And while access cards or biometrics can help control access – they can’t control how long the door is open or how many potentially unauthorized people may follow a credentialed individual.



Turnstiles can increase your access control by both detecting and deterring unauthorized entries. Unlike doors, turnstiles limit the number of people who can enter or exit on each credential. Some turnstiles also have detection features that recognize and notify security personnel of tailgating, loitering or forced entry.

 We offer

  • Turnstiles used in Class A building lobbies, hospitals, government buildings, corporate campuses, and colleges and universities
  • Turnstile designs that include multiple reader technologies and elevator displays that create a seamless finished look
  • Industry-leading technology for consistent performance, fewer maintenance headaches and lower total cost of ownership
  • Consulting to provide a comprehensive view of your defense and security position and determine what assets your business needs to protect and place a priority on

The Care Security Systems Difference

When you rely on Care Security Systems, you can:

  • Demonstrate to your customers, business partners and employees that you are committed to their safety
  • Control your organization’s risk management exposure
  • Control the costs of improving your security systems

Learn why businesses and organizations like yours count on Care Security Systems to be the logical and safe choice for all their access control system needs.

You can also find out about our video surveillance, intercoms and security risk assessments.

“Thanks to our experienced technicians, we were able to troubleshoot the new technology and train the manufacturer on its own equipment. Our techs have extensive, hands-on experience implementing security solutions from a wide range of manufacturers, in all types of environments. They really are top-of-the-industry.”
Chief Executive Officer